Trails Closed For Damage Assessments

The public is asked to remain off the OHV (off-highway vehicle designated trails) within the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area as many were badly damaged following the floods and storm a few weeks ago. 

Local assessments are underway involving the N.S. government and ATV Association members to survey the damage and develop a refurbishment plan.  When a full accounting of the damage is completed and improvements are developed, financial aid will be sought from several sources providing flood relief to help with the trail rebuild efforts.

At this time though, please take heed of the safety signage posted and the danger tape affixed at the trail entrances into the wilderness area and stay off the trails. 

Updates on progress will continue to be shared.  We know how important to our health and wellbeing the trail systems are to our community and every chance to speed the process along will be taken.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and support.

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