Council of Community Organizations (CoCO)

View of the Nine Mile River. Photo courtesy of Shirley Jollimore.
May Fair, 2012
May Fair Fun, 2012.

We love our part of the world – and all of its natural beauty.  Since March 2002, the Council of Community Organizations (CoCO), established by the Trust, has worked as a sharing forum for other environmental and community-based organizations on the Chebucto Peninsula. That’s what we do – share.   Members of the public and representatives of community organizations meet five times a year usually September, November, January, March and May to update each other about new projects and raise issues of planning and environmental concern.  Anyone can attend a CoCO Meeting. On occasion we have guest speakers or presentations.

Some of the participating organizations include:

The public is always invited to join CoCO meetings.  Meeting Notes are posted to help the community stay current.