Trust Donating $20K to Help NS Nature Trust Protect 100 Acres on Frederick Lake

The Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust has proudly donated $20,000 to support the Nova Scotia Nature Trust’s Lasting Landscapes Campaign and help them purchase 100 acres near Frederick Lake.

Harry personally delivered the donation cheque to ensure it got there quickly and made it before the matching deadline.

From Left: Allan MacDonald – Philanthropy Manager, NS Nature Trust
Ryan McLean – Volunteer Coordinator, NS Nature Trust
Bonnie Sutherland – Executive Director, NS Nature Trust
Harry Ward, Chair, Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust
Allison Dubé – Conservation Project Coordinator, NS Nature Trust

The donation is made even more significant because it will be matched by the federal government 4 x 1, as it came in before the matching deadline of April 5. The matching program is meant to be a further incentive for citizens, companies and community groups to support the Lasting Landscapes Campaign, so take advantage by donating.

“That means our twenty thousand dollars became one hundred thousand dollars really quick,” says Harry Ward, Trust Board Chair. “We are so pleased to help the Nature Trust in this way and hopefully, work towards protecting these lands for years to come.”

This marks the first time the Trust has helped to purchase land for protection purposes.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is such a worthy cause. Donate today and help preserve important natural spaces across our province.

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