Environmental Stewardship Grants Program

In 2017, the Trust launched an exciting new Environmental Stewardship Grants Program which allowed it to fund six grants to local community groups to improve trails and trail access in the area.

The grants were awarded on an open, competitive basis and the total $40,000 Program value  was funded through the Bay Treasure Chest

To ensure fairness and accountability in the administration of the grants, the Trust partnered with the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Coalition which managed the application review process and continued with monitoring the projects as they progressed.

“These projects perfectly align with the goals of the Trust, so we are happy to pay the bills for these community groups to proceed with the important work of enhancing our natural spaces and teaching more people about how to maintain them, ” commented Harry Ward, Trust Board Chair.

Watch for more news on plans and Program focuses in the future.  The Trust hopes it will continue to develop as an annual Program.