Treasure Chest

treasure_previewThe Bay Treasure Chest (BTC) is a local weekly 50/50 lottery based on a toonie that was initiated on April 16th, 2014. The BTC supports five local organizations around the Bay: The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association in collaboration with BayRides, Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust, the Bay Youth Hub (GPI Youth Atlantic, SMB Skateboard Park, SMB Toy Library and Unicorn Theatre) and the SMB Seniors’ Association.

For details to go to: and/or the FaceBook Bay Treasure Chest site.

The first draw was made on Wednesday April 16, 2014 and the winner was …… Debi Platt (winning number 167) …… Debi won $896!!

Treasure Chests can be found at all the locations listed below.
Remember, there’s no advantage in playing your registered number on more than one toonie per week.

A few reminders:

  • You only need to register once to get your “number for life” in order to play
    that number each week
  • You have to play each week if you want a chance to win each week
  • You can play your toonie at any of our locations
  • To play more than once in each draw you need to register for more
    than one “number for life”
  • The draw is made each week from the registered numbers. We then review all toonies to see if the registered number drawn was played If it was we have a winner!
  • If it wasn’t then the prize rolls-over to be added to the next week’s prize amount
  • Playing your “number for life” on more than one toonie per week does not improve your chance of winning as we can only draw your registered number once
  • If you have misplaced or do not remember your “number for life” you can contact us at or 902-499-2614 and we can retrieve it for you.

Play Bay Treasure Chest at:
Hammonds Plains
– Bailey’s Meat Market
– Hubbards Home Hardware
– Trellis Café
Indian Harbour
– Whale’s Back Country Store
Peggy’s Cove
– Sou’wester Restaurant
– Recardo’s Take-Out
– Shining Waters Marina
– White Sails Bakery & Deli
Upper Tantallon
– Delish Fine Foods
– Goodlife Fitness
– Lefty’s Restaurant & Lounge
– Otis & Clementine’s Books & Coffee
– Redmond’s Home Hardware
– Bike & Bean
– Smitty’s Restaurant
Head of St. Margaret’s Bay
– Billy Joe’s Automotive

You play a toonie a week and may be the next winner!